Single Sliding Vinyl Replacement Windows

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White Single Sliding Vinyl Replacement Window

If you’re considering replacement windows, it’s your opportunity to rethink the design and function of your home – or at least a significant part of it. As much as you’ll want them to provide you a view to the outside world, you’ll also want to be sure that they coordinate with the exterior of your home – as well as help control airflow.

We offer a variety of vinyl replacement windows here at Jack’s but vinyl sliding windows continue to be one of our most popular orders. They are functional, durable and economical. Vinyl replacement windows come in a variety of different wood grain textures and solid coated colors, with several different grid patterns. They get the job done by making your home look great inside and out, and being easy to slide open and closed for maximum airflow.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, vinyl sliding windows resist scratching and scuff marks. The color of the windows are integrated throughout the window frames, which reduces the look of wear and tear. But you won’t need to worry as much about wear and tear with these windows. They’re durable and resistant to fading from the sun.

Two-lite sliding vinyl replacement windows and triple sliding vinyl replacement windows are a good buy for your home, inside and out.

Why Choose Two-Lite Sliding Vinyl Replacement Windows?

Our two-lite sliding windows are a good choice for double hung windows or two casement windows. In this case, extra glass space is added because the wood framing is removed with the old window. In addition, two-lite sliding vinyl replacement windows can be a replacement for existing two-lite sliders. It’s an excellent selection for windows over the kitchen sink or right at the grade level (for living space exist in case of emergency).

Cleaning will be easier than ever before. Both sashes on our two-lite sliding vinyl windows slide and lift out so you can reach every nook and cranny for sparkling windows. Although half screens are standards, full screens are available so you can open either side and maximize airflow.

With composite reinforced mainframe and sashes, your two-lite windows will be durable and long lasting. They’re also supported by an extruded heavy duty aluminum screen frame.

Jack’s offers two-lite sliding vinyl replacement windows in standard white, or three different wood grains for the inside edges. For exterior edges, you can choose from eight custom thermocoating colors.

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What about Triple Sliding Vinyl Replacement Windows?

If you have a unique space that needs a triple sliding vinyl replacement windows, Jack’s has you covered. These vinyl replacement windows are available in 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 or ¼, 1/2, ¼ styles. These configuration styles can help you control the amount of ventilation in your room, and coordinate with the aesthetic look of your home. You needn’t settle for triple sliding vinyl replacement windows that don’t give you options.

In addition to options in dimensions, your options for colors in our triple vinyl replacement windows are many. The standard color is beige, but you can also choose from eight other custom colors for exterior surfaces. Interior surfaces come in three different wood-grain laminate options.

No matter what color combination you select for your new triple sliding vinyl replacement windows, you’ll be able to keep them clean easily. Your new windows will have sliding sashes that move toward the middle and then lift out. The sashes are also secured with dual cam locks – meaning that you can rely on these windows for secure areas.

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