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Picture Windows In The Midwest

Windows give you a view to the world – and picture windows offer the best possible view of that world. With the right vinyl picture windows, you can open up a space and give yourself, family members and your guests an amazing view. Whether you’re designing your own home or are updating your existing residence, you can get a bigger picture with some picture windows. It’s time to let the light in!

What do we mean when we say Picture Windows?

Picture windows get their name from a very obvious source – their frames. Typically, a picture window is a single pane window shaped just like a picture frame would be. Usually, there are no glazing bars on picture windows, which creates a beautiful, uninterrupted view to the outdoors. With a picture window, there will be no more barriers between you and your view – no more divided windows.

Why should you choose a picture window?

Picture windows are perfect additions for a variety of different spaces in your home. If you’ve got a gorgeous view outside that you’re missing out on, a picture window could enhance your space. Remove your traditional barred windows or add a new window to an existing wall so you can take it all in from the comfort of your own home.

Picture windows are also great for areas where you need more natural light. Believe it or not, proper window placement can actually help you feel better. Sunlight allows your body to produce vitamin D – a key nutrient that helps your bones, teeth and immune system. You read that right – your home design choices can impact how often you go to the doctor. Spending more time in natural light in front of a picture window can be good for the entire family.

Picture windows let you take in all that nature has to offer. With our indoor-oriented, on-demand lives, it’s easy to let the seasons go by without a second glance. A picture window brings nature indoors and allows you to take a few moments and reflect on the changing of the seasons. From fall to winter to spring to summer, you’ll be able to see the outside world transforming.

Picture windows are ideal for places where you don’t have to be concerned about ventilation. If you install a picture window, be sure that there are other windows in the area that can provide airflow to the room.

What are the most common picture window options?

Like many vinyl replacement windows, picture windows come in a wide range of styles. Traditional rectangular windows are among the most popular as they reflect the traditional shape of picture frames.

Bay picture windows are another popular option. These windows add a dramatic effect to any room and increase the light factor exponentially. Typically, bay picture windows are used in living rooms but with some creative design they can be placed anywhere in your home where you’re looking for a majestic effect.

Round top style picture windows offer a romantic touch to your home. They offer plenty of natural light and fit well into Mediterranean and Spanish style homes, but they can be made to work in any environment.

Picture Windows from Jack’s Wholesale Windows

We’re proud to offer the largest selection of custom-manufactured Vinyl Replacement Picture Windows in the Midwest. Our Midwest Picture Windows come in 3 standard colors, 11 custom PVC bond exteriors and 9 separated grid options. You can also choose from high-performance double and triple-pane glass windows.

Be sure to ask about our custom-manufactured picture window options. In addition to the typical shapes listed above, we also offer custom shapes such as octagons, half rounds, trapezoids, extended leg half rounds or extended leg trapezoids.

Contact us today to discuss your picture window project. Let Jack’s Wholesale Windows provide you with the picture window of your dreams.

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