Replacement Window Installation

How the Window Replacement Process Works

Prior to installation, our professionals will inspect your home to ensure that instructions are clear, mistakes are eliminated, and the proper materials are ordered ahead of time.

The large volume of jobs completed at Jack’s Wholesale Windows allows our company to offer high quality products for the most competitive pricing in the industry.  The installation crews at Jack’s are trained professionals and work under a crew leader who is an expert.  In order to be considered an expert, the crew leader must have installed a minimum of 10,000 vinyl replacement windows with the typical crew leader at Jack’s having handled an average of 40,000 vinyl windows or 31 miles ( when laid down end to end) of windows throughout his professional replacement window installation career!

What We Do Different

Unlike other companies in our field, our installation professionals specialize in one to two products only.  For instance, we have specific crews dedicated to the installation of siding, and separate crews dedicated to the installation of replacement windows and doors.  Each crew’s unique focus allows them to advance their expertise in one to two specific areas so they can tailor their skills to performing the installation of those products successfully and efficiently.

At Jack’s, we understand that both the quality of the window and the quality of the installation are equally important.  For this reason, all our final measurements are completed by a seasoned window/door specialist to ensure a proper fit/finish on any and all products that are installed.  Unfortunately, a common problem faced by many other companies occurs from the aftermath of using an installer who is not qualified to measure with precision.  This leads to an improper fit and ultimately a seal that is not airtight.  An improper seal will allow air infiltration through a quality replacement window that the home-owner invested in.

Our company understands that a home is something of great value to our customers and we have trained our installation specialists to take the proper steps to ensure the protection of your home.  Plastic or canvas drop clothes are utilized in every job to protect your home from dust or debris prior to the installation.  Once the installation begins, all frames are thoroughly inspected for any rotted, damaged, or unsound wood and replaced as necessary.  Each replacement window is custom fit to the opening with exact precision.

The vinyl replacement windows at Jack’s are installed using a six-step occlusive seal process which ensures the air spaces around each window are insulated to prevent air penetration.  Although the silicone sealants used by many of our competitors’ attract dirt and dust, all sealants implemented by the installation professionals at Jack’s are commercial grade and withstand the most severe weather conditions without cracking, shrinking, or attracting dirt.  Our professionals wrap all exterior wood using PVC coated aluminum that is custom formed for the application onsite.  This PVC coated aluminum has a stunning lite vinyl wood grain finish that will never, chalk, or crack and is guaranteed to be maintenance free for a lifetime.

Upon completion, any and all debris is removed from the job site and lead-contaminated material is disposed of following EPA guidelines for the safety of our customers and their neighbors.  Also, we distribute a questionnaire to the homeowner which is to be filled out after a final inspection of the project is completed with the crew-expert.  To conclude the process, approximately two-weeks after the project is finished, the initial company representative will return for a final visit to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Lets get started installing your next window, siding, or door

We look forward to doing business with you and making you one of our many satisfied customers.  You can trust us when we say that at Jack’s Wholesale Windows, you’re truly going to see a big difference.  Have a representative out and start seeing how we will make that difference today.


High-Performance Vinyl Replacement Windows Wholesale Pricing

Offering the widest selection of replacement windows, siding and doors, Jack’s Wholesale Windows provides energy-efficient and affordable products designed to enhance the beauty of your home. We are proud of our reputation for superior customer service and our expert staff is happy to simplify the decision-making process for you today. We stand behind our workmanship, providing a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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