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Garden Window

When you think of gardens, you may not think of your kitchen – but we’d like to encourage you to change your thinking. Gardening and landscaping make a home beautiful and your windows can be part of that beauty. Installing garden windows in your kitchen and other window openings around the house can help you showcase your plants in a way that is both appealing and practical.

Gardens of all types make your home look beautiful and well cared for. They boost your curb appeal and help you show off a more polished look. However, garden windows take this appeal a step further. They help showcase garden space as well as provide more optimum lighting in the kitchen. A kitchen window is a great place to not only let more light in but create space for gardening and nature.

Our Windows Offer Form and Function

While traditional kitchen windows just let light into your home, garden windows serve a functional purpose. With this type of window, you can grow vegetables, herbs and flowers from right inside your home. It’s the perfect solution if you’re a hobby gardener or just have a “green-ish” thumb. Garden windows help you bring the outdoors in, make better use of your space and grow tasty additions for your meals.

Garden windows protrude from the side of your home like a half box. There are windows on each side of the window, and a seat board at the base of the window for your plants. Some garden windows are large enough to add a second shelf that can hold more greenery.

Like a greenhouse, garden windows allow sunlight to come in and nourish your plants while protecting them from harsh weather. As a result, you can grow more herbs, vegetables and flowers year round – even when it’s snowing outside. You can also choose windows that feature screened vents to allow fresh air into your home during the warmer spring and summer months.

Choosing Plants for Your Garden Windows

If you’re considering garden windows, you should know that there are some plants that do great and some that don’t when grown indoors. Stick to plant varieties that don’t grow too large and that can handle fluctuations in temperature.

Although you can certainly experiment and try to grow nearly anything in these mini-greenhouses, picking the right plants will make a difference in your success. Watering on a regular basis is essential too – you don’t want to have dry or stunted plants in your garden window.

Design and Versatility are Guaranteed

Although garden windows are often associated with kitchens and breakfast nooks, you can really place them anywhere. Some people prefer to have their garden windows in bedrooms or bathrooms to enhance their homes. While kitchen garden windows are a good fit for herbs and small vegetable plants that you can use for cooking, bedroom and bathroom garden windows can display flowers or other beautiful plants.

They’re designed with a fixed front glass unit and casements on the sides for maximum stability. With our garden windows, you’ll benefit from a secure compression seal and when the three-point locking system is engaged, the window is sealed and energy efficient.

We offer varieties with glass or wire shelves for storing your plants, interior wood-grain laminates, four different “seat” styles and 11 PVC exterior bond colors. Our glass windows let in beneficial sunlight for plant growth while blocking the harmful UV rays that can hurt your home’s interior.

If you want to add one or more elements that will distinguish your home and make it more personalized, garden windows are a good place to start. You can add life – literally – to your home. Jack’s Wholesale Windows offers more than 20 design options to choose from, allowing you to find a garden window style that enhances your home and provides you with plenty of greenery.

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