Bay and Bow Windows

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It’s difficult to overstate the importance of windows in home design – not merely because of the significant impact they have on both the interior and exterior of a home. Replacing one or more standard windows in your home with a beautiful bay window or bow window can offer one of the biggest bangs for your buck by adding visual impact to your home’s exterior while adding space and charm to the interior and allowing additional light and ventilation.

Bay or Bow – What’s the Difference?

Bay and bow windows are similar, in that they protrude outward from the wall. A bay window most often has  three facets, with angled casement windows flanking a fixed picture window. A bow window will also protrude from the wall, but will feature four or more casement windows, creating a more graceful, curving profile.

Bay windows are often added as a modular feature, replacing an existing window, such as at counter level above a kitchen sink or breakfast nook, although some extend to the floor. Bow windows, on the other hand, are typically more expansive and will quite often extend all the way to floor level. Because of its unique construction, a bow window looks more like one large window rather than an architectural addition to the building.

When an odd number of windows are used to create a bow window, the curve becomes even more graceful and fluid. In addition, some or all of the windows will normally open for ventilation. Bow windows often project far enough out to allow greatly increased natural light into a room while also providing interior space for seating and storage.

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Fiberglass Bay Window

Utilizing a Bay Window

Because many bow windows go to floor level, you can do more with the extra space. There’s always an easy solution for dressing up this new niche – and all it takes is a little creativity. We’ve provided a few ideas on how to transform your new bow window area into one of the more special areas in your home:

  • A smaller bay or bow window, such as one above a kitchen sink, is perfect for an attractive herb garden while a much larger full-height bow window can easily fit an entire dining room table.
  • A medium- sized bow window is the perfect space for two small chairs and a side table or a relaxing love seat.
  • For a casual look in a kitchen or bedroom, install a banquette just below the sill area and toss on some pillows.
  • If you’d like to turn the area into a spot for eating, consider raising the windowsills so they’re right above table height and build a dining counter directly into the bow.
  • Built-in desks are a great way to use bow windows, too. Again, make sure your windowsills are at the proper height for the desktop.
  • Installing a spacious bow window in your main living area instantly create the focal point of the room – adding a simple bench/storage area makes it the perfect stage for displaying treasured family photos, collectibles or plants. During holidays, it provides a spacious area in which to display seasonal lights and decorations.
  • On the other hand, if you love inviting the “wide open spaces” into your home, you might also consider forgoing seating and fill the space with light-loving plants and miniature trees.

When it comes to curtains and drapery for either bay or bow windows, you should choose options that will accentuate the window rather than cover it up completely. Sheer curtains provide a delicate accent to these types of spaces as do silk valences. Enjoy the natural light and the additional design options this area provides.

Replacing an aging window with a new bay or bow window provides many benefits. In addition to better ventilation, better views and added comfort, it updates the look of your house, both inside and out. It also provides a safe, insect-free place for your pets and plants to sunbathe.

Choosing a Bay or Bow Window

When selecting one or more windows for your home, whether you’re considering a bay or a bow window style, it’s important to research all window products and options to make sure they match your home and your long-term needs. Luckily, at Jack’s Wholesale Windows, customer satisfaction is our number one priority; we offer a number of bay and bow window systems that can be the most beautiful additions to your home.

Available in 3-Lite, 4-Lite, 5-Lite or 6-Lite units, our window systems create the perfect showplace for your creativity. With heavy duty, stainless steel turnbuckle support systems and threaded steel rod reinforced mullions, your new bow window is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Our Bay and Bow Window Options

Our bow window systems feature polyurethane-filled mullion chambers, an R-9 deluxe super seat and your choice of double or triple paned high performance glass, which offers enhanced energy efficiency to fight thermal transfer.

Additionally, we offer you the following design options in all of our bow window systems:

  • 5 wood laminate interior designs
  • 3 standard and 11 PVC exterior bond colors
  • 28 aluminum clad roof colors
  • 3 interior casing styles
  • 9 different grid patterns
  • 23 signature choices

The graceful lines of bow windows are sure to fit your personal style while enhancing the architectural style of your home. Whether you prefer fixed windows or operable casement, double-hung or awning windows, Jack’s Wholesale Windows is here to help you design and complete your new window project today. We are backed by the ONLY non-prorated product, labor and service warranties in the industry.

Once we’ve installed your new bay or bow windows, you may drive right past your own home, failing to recognize it. Give your home a facelift, inside and out.

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