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Why choose Jack’s Wholesale Windows?


At Jack’s Wholesale Windows you’re going to see a big difference. We offer a variety of high performance replacement windows in the industry.

The professionals at Jack’s understand that your home will be one of the largest investments you make in your lifetime.  Our company considers it a top priority to make sure that your experience is pleasant from the time you call to set your initial appointment until the time your replacement windows are installed.   Our replacement window warranties help us provide you with a unique product that we hope creates a pleasant experience throughout your lifetime. The warranty is also transferable to the next homeowner in case you ever decide to sell or move.

Service and Warranties

 Our warranties unconditionally cover all defects in installation and materials.  The 100% non-prorated guarantee follows our company pledge to ensure customer satisfaction.  All warranties are put in writing and sent to our customers upon completion of the job.

We are members in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and Remodeling Contractors Association.

Customer Protection and Satisfaction

 Jack’s Wholesale Windows is bonded, licensed, and provides workman’s compensation as well as public liability insurance.  Each individual replacement window project is done professionally and follows all local laws.

Jack’s Wholesale Windows is the originator of the lifetime replacement window product and installation warranty. This also includes unconditional glass breakage.

The original design of our replacement windows is implemented for both security and easy cleaning.  Each replacement window is manufactured with strong, premium-grade materials which will allow your home to look beautiful and operate well, decades after your investment.

Jack’s Wholesale Windows is committed to installing replacement windows professionally.  Each replacement window is customized to meet the homeowners’ aesthetic preferences while at the same time reflecting the highest standards of durability, security, and energy efficiency in the residential market. At Jack’s Wholesale Windows, our motto is: “You’re going to see a big difference.”  This difference can be observed in quality, selection, and  price. We offer the highest quality and highest performance replacement windows in the industry.

If you’re thinking about replacement windows, there is no reason to wait. The benefits start immediately.  From enhancing your home’s interior, to adding to its curb appeal, new replacement windows, doors, and vinyl siding will transform a home from ordinary to outstanding!  Most importantly, new replacement windows provide one of the best returns on investment when compared to other home improvement projects.

Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

Three-Step Process
  1. Supervision and Inspection
    • a. Prior to installation, we will inspect you home to ensure that instructions are clear, mistakes are eliminated, and proper materials are ordered a head of time.
  2. Installation
    • a. All installation crews are highly experienced, factory trained, and certified specialist.
      • b. They are well mannered professionals, who clean up and haul away all debris after each installation.
      • Post-Inspection Approval
    • b. Each homeowner inspects the work and give the appropriate approval before final payment is collected on every job.

Our exclusive workmanship guarantee provides each customer with peace of mind and satisfaction.

Prior to installation, our professionals will inspect your home to ensure that instructions are clear, mistakes are eliminated, and the proper materials are ordered ahead of time.

Step 1 – Windows Removal

A. Every opening is inspected for quality installation.

B. If necessary new buckframes are installed.

C. Any rotten wood can be replaced.

D. All lead safe guidelines are followed for removal and disposal.

Step 2 – Sealant Applied

      • A OSI Quad window sealant or solar window seal is applied occlusive to all stop materials.

Step 3 – Insulation

      • The entire perimeter of the window is wrapped in fiberglass insulation.

Step 4 – Apply Inside Seal

      • Occlusive seal is applied around the interior of the entire window once installed.

Step 5 –Caulk Stop

      • Occlusive seal is applied around the exterior of the entire window once installed.

Step 6 – Seal Window

      • The final occlusive seal is applied around the exterior of the window capping next to the material of the home (siding or brick) once installed.

Our Windows

Our vinyl replacement windows are manufactured from high-quality materials and components in order to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

High energy efficient double pane windows will result in a savings between 10% -15% on your heating bills.  Using a triple pane “super-window” will result in up to 50% savings.

– Detroit Free Press Article –

A recent national research study examined the cost of replacement windows in an average-sized home. They looked at how much the windows would add to a house’s value if sold a year later. The average rate of the window replacement cost recouped was 91.6%. This 2002 research study, conducted by Remodeling magazine (a Hanley-Wood, LLC trade publication) utilized professional opinions of over 200 real estate agents and appraisers in the top remodeling markets.

Today, more windows are made of vinyl than any other material, including wood and aluminum. That’s because it’s the best material for designing and producing windows that provide the benefits homeowners like you want—such as energy efficiency, security, durability and low maintenance.

Vinyl is also a good choice for helping to protect our environment because it doesn’t emit toxins and is a highly recyclable material. Much less energy is used to manufacture vinyl windows than aluminum products, and no trees need to be cut down to make them. Jack’s Wholesale Windows help reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions, which increases America’s energy security.

From doors and windows to vinyl siding, our products are made to meet the highest quality standards in the industry. We offer complete solutions for all your residential and multi-family exterior building needs by providing professional-class products that will bring comfort and savings while increasing value of your home or building with one of our many affordable products!

Retail Windows vs. Wholesale Windows

Wholesale Windows-

Eliminating the unnecessary mark ups added by middlemen allow Jack’s to custom manufacture the highest quality products in the industry.

Retail Windows-

Each middleman adds in profit increasing your cost. The price increases without any changes in quality. For example, the raw materials are extruded, then shipped to a prefabricating facility, then distributed to a warehouse, then to a retail outlet, eventually getting installed by a subcontractor. All of these steps add additional expense to the final product.

Additional information on doing business with Jack’s Wholesale Windows.


      • Installer Report Card – Every installation has to be approved by the individual homeowner.
      • Post Inspection Visit – Jack’s guarantees satisfaction on every job. It is the only company in the industry to visit each job within 14 days of the final installation by the original sales person.
      • Installers work exclusively for us.
      • Individual installers are paid per window.
      • Our installers average 16 windows per day including exterior capping.
      • We install only– there is no direct shipping of windows from our warehouse.  This maintains our quality of workmanship and installation.


Jack’s Philosophy

It is unwise to pay too much, but it is more unwise to pay too little.  When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything because the product you invested in is incapable of performing.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.” –John Ruskin

The common law of business:  balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot.

The most expensive home improvement project is the one that needs to be done twice.



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High-Performance Vinyl Replacement Windows Wholesale Pricing

Offering the widest selection of replacement windows, siding and doors, Jack’s Wholesale Windows provides energy-efficient and affordable products designed to enhance the beauty of your home. We are proud of our reputation for superior customer service and our expert staff is happy to simplify the decision-making process for you today. We stand behind our workmanship, providing a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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