366 Window


  • Veka vinyl is the world’s larges extruders of vinyl windows in the industry. This is a German engineered, made in the USA.
  • Veka vinyl is 100% virgin vinyl.  Most extruders use a blend of recycled Vinyl.  Virgin vinyl is stronger and more durable
  • The corners of the frame and the sashes are welded with a 4 point welding system for strength.
  • The wall thickness is one of the thickest in the industry.
  • The lift rail is extruded with the sash, like an I beam.
  • The sill is at 5 degree slop.
  • The windows are exterior glazed for appearance and performance.
  • Recessed tilt latches, this gives the window a better look and is stronger.
  • Inter locking meeting rail, to reduce air infiltration and strength.


  • Cardinal Glass leads the industry in the development of residential glass.  The Glass is one of the most advanced residential glass products in the industry.
  • Low E; Microscopic film coating that reflects radiant energy, keeping it on the same side it originates from, while allowing visible light to pass thru.
  • The glass has 3 coats of Low E, blocking 95% of UV rays
  • Neat 366 uses the UV rays of the sun to loosen dirt and when water hits it the water sheets off.
  • Supper spacer; No conductive properties, warm edge technology.
  • Extruded screen frame with interior spline and better view screen mesh for a better view and durable frame.
  • The average double hung window will have 50 feet of triple fin weather stripping.


  • ¾ inch constant force balancer; this allows for smooth operation, the best in the industry.
  • Composite lock/keeper; non conductive and 140% stronger than medal locks, white all the way thru.
  • Reinforcement bar; I beam constructed with pulled thru fiber glass for strength.  No conduction properties and locks are screwed in to reinforcement bar for better security.

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